2016 Candidate for DMUSD School Board
2016 Candidate for DMUSD School Board
                                               Vote for 
                               Stephen Cochrane, Ph.D
                                    on November 8th

                       INNOVATIVE                     STRATEGIC                        EXPERIENCED               COLLABORATIVE                   


1. Increase student learning through educational technology, including a learning management system, video pod casts, screen casts, and posted lesson and unit plans.​​

2. Through a collaborative effort with professional educators and community members, develop and implement a curriculum that increases critical and abstract thinking, creativity, and the social and emotional intelligence of our children.

3. Improve special education programs through improved parent-to-school collaboration and partnership.

4. Further improve special education programs through early intervention using research-based therapeutic interventions to address the underlying causes of many learning challenges.

5. Continuing to support the many quality initiatives and practices of the school district.