2016 Candidate for DMUSD School Board
2016 Candidate for DMUSD School Board
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                               Stephen Cochrane, Ph.D
                                    on November 8th

                       INNOVATIVE                     STRATEGIC                        EXPERIENCED               COLLABORATIVE                   

The finger painters of today will become
the leaders of tomorrow.

Education for the 21st century learner begins in Elementary School

According to a 1999 U.S. Department of Labor report titled
“Future Work Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century,”
65% of today’s grade school kids will end up at a job that has yet to be invented.
Education Technology
One of my areas of expertise is in Educational Technology, which can enhance learning in the classroom as well as beyond the classroom walls.  This includes learning management systems, screen casting, video pod casts, wikis, and document sharing, all of which can be used to improve instruction, increase student learning, and heighten parent-to-school collaboration and communication.
Special Education
Another area of expertise I have is in Special Education.  Rather than merely modifiying the curriculm and making classroom accomodations, special education providers can implement therapeutic interventions to address the underlying causes of many learning difficulties through research-based practices.  90% of the special education student body have mild learning challenges that can be overcome.
UNIQUE Knowledge and Experience

Working Together on Common Goals and a Shared Vision for our Children

  1. About Me
    My name is Stephen Cochrane. I have lived in Carmel Valley since 2003. My wife, Aimee, and I have two children who attend Sage Canyon Elementary. Our oldest son, Christopher, is in 3rd grade and our youngest son, Nicholas, is in Kindergarten. Aimee and I are actively involved at Sage Canyon, as volunteers in the classroom, as well as serving on the executive PTA Board. Additionally, I served as a DMUSD’s representative to the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE). Our family participates in many local community activities through sporting activities, neighborhood mixers, Grace Point Church, the cub scouts, and the YMCA Indian Guides. We love our local community, our local school district, and the families and neighbors around us. I enjoy spending time with my family, working out at the Bay Club, reading, karate, and travel.
  2. Education
    Ph.D in Education Certificates in Education Management for Business, Finance, and Leadership from Cornell University MA in Special Education BA in Literature 5 California teaching credentials/ certificates Administrative Service credential
  3. Experience
    I have a unique level of expertise in Pre-K - 12 Education derived from over 20 years experience as a Teacher Education professor, university administrator, teacher, and academic researcher. I was appointed by the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the California Office of Administrative Hearings to serve as a member on the Special Education Advisory Board. I’ve been on the Board of Directors to four local non-profit corporations. I served as Treasurer on my community's Home Owner Association (HOA) Board for 2 years. I am currently serving on the Executive PTA Board at Sage Canyon in the role of Parlimentarian.
  4. Ideas
    1. Increase student learning through educational technology, including a learning management system, video pod casts, screen casts, and posted lesson and unit plans. 2. Through a collaborative effort with professional educators and community members, develop and implement a curriculum that increases critical and abstract thinking, creativity, and the social and emotional intelligence of our children. 3. Improve special education programs through improved parent-to-school collaboration and partnership. 4. Further improve special education programs through early intervention using research-based therapeutic interventions to address the underlying causes of many learning challenges. 5. Continuing to support the many quality initiatives and practices of the school district.